Chattanooga College Admissions

Academic programs of study are open to applicants who have earned the minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. Documentation of both secondary and post-secondary education is requested.

To apply for admission, applicants should contact the school to secure a personal interview – which is conducted at the school. An admission examination is required for all academic programs.  Advanced preparation is not required for this examination, and the examination is given with-out obligation. Documents submitted to the college by the applicant become property of the institution and will not be returned to the applicant.

Cosmetology and related programs applicants must meet current state entry requirements, which is a minimum of completing the 10th grade.

Applicants are notified regarding admission application acceptance status. All applicants are admitted without discrimination. It is the intent of ChattanoogaCollege: Medical, Dental & Technical Careers to comply with the spirit and letter of all equal opportunity legislation, both state and federal, in its administration and admissions policies.


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