How to Find a Job In The Cosmetology Industry

Finding a job in the exciting world of cosmetology is not as hard as you might think if you have the right degree. Chattanooga College Associate degrees make sure you are ready for the work world. Here are some tips for finding a job after graduation. Start Networking If You Haven’t Already Sometimes the best […]

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5 Career Networking Tips for College Students

Networking serves a wide range of purpose, not only for the active job seeker, but throughout your career. Early on, networking can build connections, introduce new opportunities and let others know that you are pursuing a position in your field. Later, networking is an essential part of growing your practice, establishing your brand and reputation, […]

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Building Career Professionalism as a Practical Nurse

Take advantage of all your college years offer. Not only are you learning the technical skills necessary to become a qualified practice nurse, but you have the  time to build professionalism for your career. So much depends on how well you present yourself to future employers, colleagues and patients. You need to practice soft skills, expand […]

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