Surviving a Job You Hate: Sticking It Out When You Can’t Quit (Yet)

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job that you hate. You dread the hours spent at work every day. Eventually, it can start to suck away your joy for life, leaving you depressed, short-tempered, and pessimistic about life in general. The good news is, you can survive a job that you hate–even if it ends up being longer than you hoped before you can leave it behind.

Set New Goals

What is it that’s keeping you at your current job? It may be a need to build experience in your field, a lack of open positions in your industry, or simply the need for a new job lined up before you quit. After all, you can’t live on air alone! Set clear goals for the future and make plans that let you know that this terrible job really is just temporary. This might include setting a timeline: for example, you’ll leave this job as soon as you’re finished with your current course of study or when you’re able to save up a certain amount of money so that you can live on your savings for a little while. Sometimes, just keeping in perspective the fact that this job is temporary can help change your outlook and make it easier to handle.

Discover What You Really Hate About Your Job

Some jobs are simply unbearable. You might work for a company that sees its employees as disposable, find yourself doing menial work that you dislike intensely, or struggle to find enough stimulation to keep yourself awake during the work day. There might be a difficult coworker or boss who makes your job twice as hard as it really has to be. Take the time to define what it is that you really hate most about your job. This will accomplish two things: first, it will allow you to see if there’s anything about your current position–and hatred–that you can change; and second, it will give you a clearer picture of what you need to avoid next time.

Change Your Job

No, you can’t just walk up to your manager and declare that you’re going to be doing things differently from now on. You can, however, take several critical steps that will change the course of your workday and make it easier for you to handle the daily grind. This might include:

  • Changing where you work or the flow of your work so that you’re more easily able to avoid a difficult coworker
  • Picking up new responsibilities to help yourself feel more challenged and engaged
  • Looking for ways to exercise creativity in your job

Vent–and Then Change Your Perspective

Venting about a lousy job is a great coping mechanism. It helps you get it all out and might even help you define what you hate so much about your job. Make sure, however, that you don’t spend all of your time venting. Instead, once you’re done complaining, look for a way to change your perspective. There are sites all over the internet looking for stories about lousy coworkers, customers, or bosses to laugh at. Does finding the humor in your current position make it easier to handle? Chances are, the answer is yes! You might also try taking note of the things that you do like about your job. Even if your only answer is that your job helps you pay the bills, that’s definitely something to appreciate!

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