3 advantages of being a non-traditional student

Oct 26, 2017

Whether you are several years or several decades older than most college students, you might be feeling a little reluctant to go back to school. But it’s never too late to find success.

In fact, while the younger students may be more familiar with technology and might be more used to the routine of going to class, as a non-traditional student, you have several advantages over your younger classmates.

1. You have the experience. As a non-traditional student, you have life experience. You can share what you have learned with your classmates. You may even have real-life experience in your chosen degree field. This real-life experience makes what your professors are teaching an easier transition from the book to how it applies to the workplace.

As a non-traditional student, you have also paid bills and experienced being responsible for yourself, and in many cases, other people for years. This experience can also make your transition to college a smoother process because you aren’t experiencing a drastic change in the way some other students may.

2. You have direction. Closely connected to experience is direction. Many traditional college students end up changing their major or switching schools, sometimes multiple times before they graduate. As a non-traditional student you are less likely to change your mind about pursuing a specific degree.

You have the experience to know that there are certain career options you definitely do or do not want to pursue, and you do not need to take specific classes to discover a certain career path is wrong for you. Maybe cleaning up after a sick child has convinced you that you no longer want to go into the medical field. Perhaps trimming and styling your daughter’s hair has piqued your interest in the field of cosmetology. Seeing the injustices in your community may have you wanting to go into criminal justice.

3. You have discipline. You might be going back to school for your family. You may be responsible for providing for children and a spouse. You may even be caring for elderly parents. These sacrifices have required discipline, which can carry over to your schoolwork. When you would rather go to sleep than write another paper, read another chapter, or study for another hour, you have the discipline to push through and get your work completed, because you understand the value of what your paying for and can manage your time appropriately.

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