Find college success with these 4 simple life hacks

Nov 30, 2017

College is stressful, but important to further your future career. Here are some life hacks to make it easier.

1. Don’t slack in classes you find easy, use them to boost your GPA.

In your first few semesters, you might find certain classes seem simple enough to slack off in as you complete general education courses and first core major courses. But just because the class is easy or is just a general education course do not mean you should slack off or slow down. Easier classes in the beginning are prime opportunities to build your GPA and prep for more difficult classes. 

2. Make it easier for yourself to study on the go.

With family, work, and school, finding personal time to de-stress or take care of yourself can be hard. But balance is possible, if you can find ways to combine study time with other activities, like exercise.

It might seem low on your list, but exercise fights depression and anxiety, both of which are easy to get when dealing with a heavy workload. It also keeps you feeling alert, helps you sleep better, and will make you feel better. Instead of skipping the gym, bring some of your assigned reading to the gym and read while on the treadmill. Another alternative is to record lectures, or yourself reading aloud notes, and listening to the recordings while working out. That counts as study time!

3. Set yourself up for success at the start of every day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you have a morning class after working late, a long drive to the school, or kids to get on the bus, it’s easy to make unhealthy choices. But not eating or eating poorly leads to lethargy later on in the day, which makes paying attention in class and studying afterward that much harder.

Instead, make some microwave scrambled eggs. Eggs are cheap and healthy, and this breakfast can be made without dirtying any dishes as you walk (or run) out the door. Do do it, spray a mug with a nonstick cooking spray. Crack two eggs into the mug. Add a splash of milk to it and microwave for 45 seconds. Stir it and heat for another 45 seconds.

4. Don’t get discouraged when you can’t live up to your day’s plan.

Some days, the eggs won’t get made, you won’t feel like getting on the treadmill, or you’ll forget to record your lecture. And that’s okay. That’s why school administrators are there as a resource to help. Be sure to lean on them when you need help, and be honest about it before it’s too late to find a solution.

At Chattanooga College, we understand that when you have to balance schoolwork with the realities of life, it’s hard. That’s why we encourage our students to come talk to us when they’re struggling, so that we can find a solution to keep you on the path for success.

For more college life hacks, information about our classes, or to get any questions about college options answered, please contact us.

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