What Do You Get from Aesthetician Training?

Mar 11, 2022

Aestheticians are healthcare professionals, so they must undergo mandatory training and obtain a state license before starting their work professionally. 


When you first start taking aesthetician training, you may already have a few of the necessary skills. Going through the mandatory courses and getting some hands-on practice will help you hone these skills and develop others you’ll need along the way. The main goal of this training will be not only to get you all of the required aesthetician skills, but to build your confidence to a level that you’re comfortable with.

Should I be an Aesthetician?

While being an aesthetician is exciting and has loads of career opportunities, the job isn’t for everybody. Aesthetician training takes time, money, and a lot of effort. It’s best to know that you want to go into this field before signing up for courses.


There are many benefits to being an aesthetician. First, you get to help people feel confident and comfortable in their skin. There are a lot of career opportunities for aestheticians, and the job market is teeming. 

What should I Know before Signing Up for Aesthetician Training?

It’s best to know what to expect before jumping head-first into aesthetician training. You must be either a high school graduate or have a GED, and meet minimum age requirements, which can vary by state. You should also research the schools you’re considering.

What Can I Expect to Learn in Aesthetician Training?

Aestheticians have many skills they must acquire by taking aesthetician training courses. What will you learn in these training courses? You’ll learn about practical and theoretical aspects of aesthetics. You’ll learn everything you need to know about skin injections, botox, fillers, client relations, social skills, and proper safety procedures. 

The Basics: Practical and Theoretical Information

Safety and skincare are two of the most important aspects of being an aesthetician. Aesthetician training will teach you how to conduct proper skincare analysis, identify symptoms or signs of a skin ailment, how to treat skin ailments, and the benefits of different skincare routines.

Skin Injections, Botox, and Fillers

Most aestheticians understand how to work with botox, fillers, and other skin injections, even if their chosen job doesn’t directly deal with those. Aesthetician training will give you a general understanding of these things and how they work, especially botox. Even if you aren’t supplying botox or skin injections, it’s essential to know how they work just in case.

Client Relations and Vital Social Skills

Aesthetician careers require you to have above-average social skills. Your people skills and ability to build client relationships will affect the success of any job where you end up working closely with customers or clients. Aesthetician training will help you practice and refine your people skills, learn to communicate professionally and effectively, and encourage more future sales. 

Proper Safety Procedures and Skincare Treatments

Aestheticians are considered healthcare professionals, and people trust them to know what they’re doing. Being able to do your job with minimal risk to yourself or your clients is the most critical part of your job as an aesthetician. 


It’s bad enough that poor safety habits could result in harming a client, but it can also open you up to the risk of getting sued. Aesthetician training gives you the knowledge and resources to practice aesthetics confidently, knowing that you can keep both you and your clients safe. 

How do I Know Which School to Go to?

Aesthetician training takes a lot of time, money, and dedication to the field. Even if you know for sure that this is the career path you want to take, all of that could go to waste if you wind up going through training courses that aren’t suited for you. It’s important to do some research before committing to any school. 


When researching schools, you should always look at their scheduling options. Do they offer courses during days and times that work for you? Do they offer flexible hours that allow you to get an education that works around your schedule? If you want to get into a specific career in the aesthetics field, you might also want to look for a training program that offers education regarding that as well.

There are many options for aesthetician training, so it can sometimes feel overwhelming to figure out where to start your search. While no school is perfect for everyone, we suggest looking into Chattanooga College to kickstart your aesthetician career. We offer flexible scheduling and financial aid for those who qualify, because we know that education shouldn’t be off-limits to people just because of their life circumstances. Fill out our contact form, and one of our advisors will reach out to you to discuss how to get started. Take the next step and start doing something that you love!