How highlighting soft skills can land you the job

January 19, 2018

It’s estimated that for every corporate job that opens up, 250 people apply. And although these statistics from employment engagement company Glassdoor can seem scary, it highlights the need to have both the technical skills and soft skills to get the job you’re looking for. When you’re competing with so many people just to get…

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4 resume tips to land you the interview

September 14, 2017

You already know the basics of resume writing: list your education and employment history, don’t make it too long, and keep the font large enough for the hiring manager to read without straining their eyes. But how can you make sure your resume gets noticed among the dozens — or even hundreds — of other resumes…

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How to Perfect Your Resume

July 18, 2017

According to Forbes magazine, HR professionals only spend an average of six seconds looking at a resume. Therefore, resumes need to be concise, customized and clearly organized. In addition to this, many companies use HR software to digitally screen and weed out candidates based on keywords. Following useful resume advice will improve your resume’s appeal…

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Tips for Customizing Your Resume

May 30, 2017

Business research reveals that most HR professionals will only spend six seconds scanning each resume. Due to the fact that each job opening will receive hundreds of resumes, it’s best to customize your resume for jobs that closely match your skills and background. Resume customization doesn’t mean a complete re-write, but rather it means adjusting…

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