5 Reasons To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career

Jul 28, 2021


You consume beauty and fashion literature. YouTube beauty tutorials are your channel of choice. Fashion Week is practically a national holiday. You are the go-to friend for help on hair, makeup and maybe even nail trends. You have mastered the perfect ‘wing.’

In short, you love making others feel beautiful and a beauty career is calling you. And there will always be a need for people to feel beautiful.

Have you ever thought of turning that passion into a beauty career? You may have dreamed of working as a makeup artist for the stars or as a hairstylist in that chic salon, but it may feel too good to be true. We’re here to tell you – it’s not.

Earning a degree in cosmetology can help cultivate your talent and transform you from hobbyist to artist. We have seen hundreds of students graduate with their degree and go on to incredible and fulfilling careers with celebrities, day spas, salons, and more. But we understand that it can be difficult to envision just how earning your cosmetology degree can transform your life. So we looked at the lives of our former students and have outlined five main reasons they are glad they took the next step in their beauty career.

Reason #1 To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career:
Turn your hobby into a career.

It’s a myth that your career has to be just “work.” How much better do we perform at our jobs when we are passionate about our work? We are here to help you cultivate your eye for aesthetic and knack for design into a diverse skill set that can propel you to a multitude of different beauty careers.

Whether you dream of being a VIP nail technician, a beauty blogger or researcher, a cosmetology professor, a wedding hair/makeup stylist, or an aesthetician at that glamorous spa downtown… the opportunities to turn your hobby into an exciting and fulfilling career are vast. Like cosmetology, the industry’s possibilities are endless.

Reasons #2 To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career:
Financial freedom.

Many of our students were holding lower-paying jobs when they began our programs. The reality is, it’s more difficult than ever to get a fair-paying job in today’s market. As the times change, we are seeing that more often than not employers are looking for skills over knowledge. This is the main reason, similar to chefs and doctors and car mechanics, cosmetologists are rarely out of work. There will always be a need for these skills, and as a result, there is far more opportunity for careers in the beauty industry.

Because of the high value of these positions, many students see a significant financial increase with new beauty positions compared to the jobs they held before school. Just look at the cost of a Brazilian blowout! Or Kate Middleton’s favorite bee-venom facial. Think about it. It’s not just the keratin treatment in the Brazilian blowout… it’s the skilled professional who treats your hair with it. Since those skills are highly valued, that is part of the cost!

Reasons #3 To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career:
Get opportunities to do hair/makeup for celebrities.

Who hasn’t dreamed of styling Meryl Streep’s hair for the Oscars? There is a huge demand for beauty professionals in the celebrity world. If that is something that excites you, consider equipping yourself with the tools you need to beautify the stars! Beauty experts are the go-to source for VIPs aiming to look and feel their best.

Oftentimes this significant aspect of the beauty industry is forgotten by prospective students who are considering future cosmetology careers. There is certainly a place for salons, spas, and events, but there is also a large need of beauty experts’ skills for celebrities and performing arts.

Reasons #4 To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career:
Make others feel beautiful for a living.

One of our favorite things about this industry is the direct impact our work has on others. It is a joy to see a client’s face light up when she/he sees their new haircut for the first time. There is intrinsic value in self care. When clients come to a salon or spa, they are choosing to invest in themselves. A facial is so much more than clearer pores. It is the decision to put a pause on life’s often overwhelming responsibilities and take care of oneself. It is about the experience. You provide that.

There are many ways to serve others in today’s world. We would argue that making somebody feel a little more confident and a little more cared for is one of the kindest things you can do.

Reasons #5 To Turn Your Skills Into A Beauty Career:
Freedom from jobs you don’t actually enjoy.

Job satisfaction is not just about the money. If you were earning a substantial wage, but hated your job, how happy would you really be during those forty hours a week? Not only does earning your degree in cosmetology set you up for a higher-paying career, it provides far more opportunity to create work you care about. Nail technicians, makeup artists, aestheticians, hair stylists… they are all artists.

It takes about 10% talent and 90% passion to be an artist, and chances are, if you’re reading this article, you have both. We are here to help equip you to reach your goals. If you complete your cosmetology degree and find a job you love, our goal is accomplished.

What to Do Next

If you are envisioning yourself one year from now – earning a higher salary in a professional beauty career and helping people look and feel their best (whether for their prom or the Oscars) – let’s chat! We’d be happy to talk about what it would take to get your degree in cosmetology. Check out our Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Manicuring Programs – our admissions counselors will reach out to you with your next steps!