Top Essentials to Include in your Cosmetology Kit

Mar 3, 2022

As skilled as most cosmetologists are, their job would be impossible without their cosmetology kit. Similarly, your cosmetology kit will become your best friend when you’re going through cosmetology school. It will essentially become an extension of yourself. It will contain everything you need to make it in the world of cosmetology while providing you with a quick and easy way to stay organized. So what exactly should you include in your cosmetology kit?


Well, everyone will do things a bit differently, so cosmetology kits should be tailored to some degree based on individual needs. Your cosmetology kit should fit your style, preferences, and requirements. 


This kit will also provide you with a hands-on introduction to using the different tools of the trade safely and skillfully. So here are some of the basic things you’ll need in your kit if you want to thrive in the world of cosmetology. 

Combs and Brushes

When it comes to styling hair, you can’t do much of anything without your basic combs and brushes. However, it’s essential to have a few different kinds and sizes of combs and brushes and know which ones to use for different hair types. You’ll need detangling combs for after hair washing, cutting combs to help you get a clean cut, and a variety of brushes to accommodate different hair types. 

Mannequin Head

Another essential tool to have when going through cosmetology school is a mannequin head. Having one will allow you to practice using different tools without risk to potential clients. By practicing on this mannequin head, you will gain both essential cosmetology skills, as well as the confidence you need.

Cutting Instruments

Next, you’ll need to ensure that your cosmetology kit has everything you need for cutting and trimming hair. You’ll need many kinds of scissors and shears, which will each serve different purposes. These instruments should also include protective cases, as they will be razor-sharp. You will use them for many things, like trimming, shaping, and thinning, so maintaining their sharpness is essential. 

Hot Tools

Next, you’ll need some hot tools, including curling irons, hairdryers, flat irons, and more. These tools tend to be pretty expensive if you get a good one, but they’ll last you for years, and you will be able to continue using them after you’ve passed your cosmetology training. These hot tools can be used for a range of styles and are especially useful when doing someone’s hair before an important event. 


Hot tools like curling irons and flat irons give clients access to a whole array of hairstyles that would be otherwise impossible to them, making them a priceless piece for your kit. You can use them for anything from beach-style waves, a voluminous afro, to creating beautiful, straight locks. The possibilities are endless if you know what you’re doing, which is why you need to practice using them in cosmetology training. 

Safety Equipment

Many cosmetology tools and ingredients can be dangerous for you or the client if you don’t use them correctly. You need to have the proper safety equipment like caps, gloves, capes, and aprons, and you must know how and when to use them. 


The classic stylist’s cape will help to keep the hair off of the client and their clothes, thus minimizing the mess at the end. It also gives them a more comfortable experience, which means they’re more likely to return the next time they need their hair done. 


The styling apron is almost as important as the cape because it’s specially designed to make a cosmetologist’s job more efficient. It has handy utility pockets to hold your tools and has become an unofficial part of a cosmetology trainee’s uniform. It helps to keep your workstation more organized and gives you quick and easy access to your tools without turning back to the table. That way, not only do you look more professional, but you can get the client’s hairdo finished more quickly and without fumbling for your tools. 

Finding the Right Cosmetology Training Program

While there aren’t many things more important to a cosmetologist than their cosmetology kit, getting the right education and training is one of them. If you sign up for a cosmetology training course and it turns out to be a bad fit for you, then you could wind up wasting precious time and money. 

Going through a cosmetology training course that doesn’t meet your learning needs could cause you to struggle with, or even fail, your state cosmetology licensing exam. That’s why Chattanooga College caters to your schedule and personal education needs. We understand how passionate you are about cosmetology, so we help you get the best training you can before diving into your cosmetology career. Contact us today to speak with one of our counselors and get help figuring out where to begin!