How To Stay Hot When It’s Hot

Aug 14, 2018

We live in the South. There are entire industries on hiking, rafting, kayaking and bike-riding… especially in the summer. We have all joyfully RSVP’d Yes for that beautiful backyard June wedding. Ice cold sweet tea abounds. It’s safe to say most of us truly do enjoy summertime.

But let’s face it… it’s hot outside.

And it can be quite tricky to stay cool (and cute) when it’s 90+ degrees outside and >70% humidity! But it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top 5 tips to look and feel your best when the temperatures go up:


1. Choose The Right Makeup

In one way or another, we’ve all experienced the nightmare that is raccoon eyes and drippy, melting foundation. To avoid this, we recommend investing in waterproof makeup, whether it be just mascara, or your whole set! Think about how much less you will use without the need to re-apply your eyeliner every time you step outside! Consider using a tinted moisturizer with SPF in lieu of a heavy foundation to give your pores some relief and keep your skin cooler, hydrated and protected from the sun. For full-makeup occasions, give your face a spritz of setting spray to protect your carefully drawn lines and contours from the elements.

We believe that in extreme heat, less is more. Your full face routine may be perfect, but the sun does not care. Consider sticking to a light tinted moisturizer, a luminescent powder, waterproof mascara, and a nude lip stain for a warm day out and about. Another tip is to keep blotting papers in your purse on hand to remove oil/shine without disrupting your makeup!


2. Master Your Go-To Bun

Hair can get heavy, and heavy can get hot. If you aren’t considering a shorter summer cut, master your 5-minute bun on days where you just need to get it out of your face. With all hair textures, bobby pins are your best friend, as is your humidity resistant hairspray (1 spritz is all you need!) If you want a slick, neater looking bun, consider wetting the top of your hair before combing and pulling it back. For a messier bun, embrace your wisps by pulling them out of your bun and loosely repinning them or letting them hang! Bandanas and headbands are also a great bun accessories.


3. Stay Hydrated!

This one is so important. Health experts recommend that the average adult should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Not only is H2O vital for your health; it has an incredible beauty benefits! Water helps your body flush out toxins more efficiently, which leaves your skin looking radiant and fresh. Staying hydrated also helps your skin stay supple by maintaining its natural elasticity, which is the #1 deterrent for aging skin. Additional benefits of keeping that water bottle handy are strengthening brittle nails, reducing hair loss, helping cure sunburns and possibly reducing acne.


4. Gel Nails

It’s sandal season! If ever there was a time to treat yourself to a pedicure (or do it yourself), this is it. If you choose to DIY, we recommend using a pumice stone to exfoliate any calluses and gel nail polish for durability. Gel nails are your best friend with all of summer’s outdoor activities… especially those that include water. Indulge in summer fun without having to worry how your feet will later look in your favorite sandals!


5. Unclog Your Pores

In the summer, your skin is battling sweat, humidity, natural body oils and pore-clogging makeup. Blockage in pores equals bacteria, which equals blackheads, whiteheads… you name it! To keep your skin feeling clean and looking fresh, research methods of exfoliation, pore strips, natural home remedies, high quality face masks with natural, purifying ingredients and/or visiting an esthetician for an extraction facial! Every person has different preferences and resources, so we highly suggest researching to find the summer skincare method that works the best for you!


What to Do Next

Excited by the idea of extraction facials, gel nails, summer makeup or mastering the perfect messy bun? If you’d like to learn more about how to help others look and feel their best (no matter what the outside temperature), let’s chat! We’d be happy to talk about what it would take to get your degree in cosmetology.

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