How highlighting soft skills can land you the job

Jan 19, 2018

It’s estimated that for every corporate job that opens up, 250 people apply. And although these statistics from employment engagement company Glassdoor can seem scary, it highlights the need to have both the technical skills and soft skills to get the job you’re looking for.

When you’re competing with so many people just to get an interview, sometimes the best thing you can do to set yourself apart has nothing to do with your technical knowledge, but your personality and life skills, and finding a way to demonstrate how they play a role in the day-to-day of the job.

Here are the top ways you can demonstrate who you are and portray your character and experiences as a positive for the job:


Most job hunters understandably play it safe and act conservative to appear professional, but it’s important to express your personality and positive values. When HR managers ask about your personality, be prepared to discuss your identity, experiences, and personal brand. HR managers often ask about candidates’ personality to gauge their soft skills related to communication and cooperation. While it’s not a good idea to appear over-confident and self-centered, it makes sense to present a pleasantly unique personality that will fit in with any culture and industry.


Most employees want job applicants who are flexible with their schedules, preferences, and responsibilities. Flexibility is a can-do attitude that job applicants can demonstrate through describing successful experiences and workplace interactions. For example, cosmetology professionals should know how to coordinate personal care services with aesthetics, manicuring, shampooing, and hair styling professionals. Flexibility skills often depend on reprioritization and time management techniques, so it may be helpful to explain how you will juggle a variety of roles and responsibilities. And, above all, being flexible shows a team-centered attitude and willingness to work hard.


Regardless of whether you are applying for a medical assistant or computer programming job, you will need excellent communication skills. That doesn’t mean just on your resume or a cover letter, but demonstrating an ability to think critically about how to give information to coworkers, superiors, etcetera.

Quality Assurance

Jobs involving any product or service will need consistent and measurable quality checks. While most job applicants won’t be applying for quality control manager positions, they should be prepared to explain how they ensure work improvements. For example, health care job candidates may discuss how continuing professional education, such as hands-on training and program participation, may maximize value, drive the best results and deliver better health outcomes. It may help to discuss how you contribute to company improvement goals and performance improvement activities.

There are no official degrees or certificates for soft skills, but they help people accomplish tasks, solve problems, and communicate well with others. An accredited college degree program is an excellent way to learn how to cultivate both these skills and technical knowledge.

For assistance honing your technical and soft skills, contact Chattanooga College to see how we can help get you on the career path you want.