How to Find a Job In The Cosmetology Industry

Apr 25, 2017

Finding a job in the exciting world of cosmetology is not as hard as you might think if you have the right degree. Chattanooga College Associate degrees make sure you are ready for the work world. Here are some tips for finding a job after graduation.

Start Networking If You Haven’t Already

Sometimes the best jobs can come through a network of your friends and associates. Linked In, Facebook, and more can be used to find others within your industry. A hot job tip may come your way in little time!

Check Craigslist

Craigslist has a lot of job listings because employers can advertise for free and reach a broad network. This also allows you to search in many areas for the best position you can find.

Have An Outstanding Portfolio

A well put together portfolio of your work will say a lot about what you can do. Go through your best pictures of clients you have serviced during your time in cosmetology school. An electronic gallery viewable online is a major plus that can allow prospective employers to easily look at and share your work.

Consider Starting Your Own Independent Business

If you have a degree in cosmetology and are properly licensed to work in an area, you may consider finding an affordable space to rent and starting your own business. The challenges will be building your clientele all on your own.

Be Dedicated

Finding a job can take time especially if you are determined to get a job in a specific metro area. Remember that you need to show dedication even if you have to work somewhere that is not your first pick. Doing a job well will make it easier to find others in the future.

Appear Your Best Professional Self

The dress code is going to vary at different salons. Do your research and dress appropriately for the position you are applying for. What is deemed professional and embracing the style of the salon can range from very conservative to edgy punk style.

Chair Rental Positions: What You Should Know

Renting a chair and space to practice cosmetology requires some start up capital but it allows you to get a start. Another advantage of renting a chair or space from an established salon is that you get the benefits of their established reputation and possibly access to a higher level and number of clientele than you otherwise would have.

Never Be Afraid To Keep Learning

Potential employers are going to be more impressed if you show them that you like to stay on top of your game. Getting extra certifications and continuing education can make you more desirable to a salon. Keeping up to date on the latest techniques and styles is key to succeeding in the long term.

Make Sure You Have Satisfied Or Can Quickly Satisfy Licensing Requirements

If you are applying for jobs in several states you may have to pass more than one licensing exam. Not having the right license will delay or make it a lot harder to find a job in the given area.

Find A Good Mentor Or Career Counselor

Having someone that is knowledgeable and supportive can help increase your chances of landing that dream job. Chattanooga College has staff members and counselors that can help graduates meet their career goals.

Chattanooga College is dedicated to offering the skills and degree you need to launch yourself into a secure future in the exciting and expanding world of cosmetology. Contact us today to get started on your new career and life path. We look forward to helping you land your dream job faster than you ever thought possible.