Job Interview Tips – It’s All about Psychology!

Jul 25, 2017

Job interview tip articles usually include: showing up on time, being friendly, doing your research, and asking good questions. However, if you really want to make a good and lasting impression you need to get into the psychology of your interview and your interviewer. Here are some job interview tips that will help you with the psychology of your dress, body language, discussion, and more:

Dress to Portray an Image

Did you know that colors can leave an impression? The colors you dress in for an interview portray different things about you. Dress according to the image you want to portray. Here are the different images you can leave by color, according to

  • Gray: Logical
  • Blue: Team Player
  • Black: Leadership
  • Orange: Unprofessional
  • White: Organized
  • Brown: Dependable
  • Red: Power
  • Green, Purple, and yellow: Creative

Answer to Age

According to, during your interview, you should cater your answers to the age of your interviewer. Older more experienced interviewers want to know that you will work hard and that you will show proper respect to others more knowledgeable than yourself. Younger interviewers want to know that you are good at multitasking and that you are creative.

Mirror Your Interviewer

Think of yourself as a mirror or a chameleon during your interview. According to, “Unconsciously mimicking the facial expressions, hand gestures, and other behaviors is something that humans do quite regularly… psychologist believe [it is because]…it has the potential to make people like us better.” As you mirror your interviewer he or she will unconsciously connect with you and remember you in a positive way.

Find a Similarity

Doing your research before an interview is a great tip; an even better tip is to find something, either beforehand or during the interview, that you have in common with your interviewer. If you are able to talk about something, other than the job, that the interviewer cares about, he or she is more likely to remember you.

Be Honest

The big mind-bending interview tip of the year – a couple of years ago, was to disguise your weakness as strength. Turns out, most people do not like being lied to. Find a weakness in yourself that you feel comfortable sharing and share it. It is better, to be honest during your interview. You can always recover the weakness by describing ways you are working on said weakness in order to improve.

Eye Contact

According to, “When you establish good eye contact, you’ll feel heard and appear likable.” Making eye contact when you first meet your interviewer and continuing to do so during your interview will help you to: convey confidence, appear more likable, look honest, and exhibit interest.

Be Expressive

The way you talk says a lot about who you are and it even conveys how intelligent you are. According to, there are some techniques you can use to make yourself sound smarter, those techniques include: standing or sitting with your spine relaxed, keeping your chin up, focusing on your listeners, speaking loudly enough, using your hands to emphasize key points, using vivid words, speaking at different speeds, and utilizing pauses for emphasis.

Fake it till you make it

During a TED talk by Psychologist Amy Cuddy, she discusses how important your presence is during an interview. She says that the way you present yourself during a job interview is more important than the actual interview. In other words, ‘Fake it till you make it’ and act more confident than you feel and interviewers will be more likely to hire you.

Try Active Listening

Really listen while the interviewer is speaking, and then paraphrase what they said back to them in order to show that you have listened and that you understand them. This will make you look understanding, attentive and it is also a form of flattery for the interviewer.

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