Job Interview Tips: Landing Your Dream Job

Jun 27, 2017

Whether you are just out of college or making a mid-career move, there is likely one particular position calling out to you. It is the dream job that brings more stomach butterflies than your seventh grade crush. This opportunity will bring exciting challenges, teach you innovative techniques, put you in close contact with experts in the field and deliver an enviable paycheck. You want it badly; but to get there you must make an impressive debut. Learn how to nail the interview with a comprehensive approach to preparation.

What will you wear? You want your future employer to react positively to your visual impression. Choose a conservative outfit in a neutral color. According to Business Insider blue and black are the best choices. Reportedly, blue signifies trustfulness while black indicates leadership. You can also safely wear grey, white and brown. Typically you need to avoid “loud” colors such as a bold orange or lime green. You want your clothing to fit well and exhibit good taste. Don’t wear too many accessories such as multiple bracelets or necklaces. Consider removing all rings from piercings aside from one pair of earrings. Avoid hats and hair ornaments. In general, businesses still lean toward traditional views regarding what looks professional.

Create a portfolio to make a valuable impact on your future boss. Start off with a cover letter specifically crafted for this particular company and a professionally prepared resume. This presentation should then give information on your schooling with papers and project descriptions reflecting your best work along with degrees and certifications you possess. Records regarding your previous jobs, including unpaid internships and volunteer work, should follow your education reports. Next, insert recommendations from teachers, employers and community leaders along with a list of references, a brief accounting of who they are and their contact information. Complete your portfolio with copies of awards and a listing of an honors you have received. Place your organized materials in a simple binder.

Decide what specific topics and examples you want to use in your interview. Yes, you will be answering lots of questions but, if you are savvy, you can use specific instances to punctuate your responses. For example, if your interviewer asks “what is your greatest strength?” and you say “creativity” you need to expound on the answer by relating a specific incident in which you used this asset successfully. Take time before your interview to write about what you have learned and what events have defined your business life to date. Recalling these in detail will help you prepare to talk about them when you meet with your interviewer.

Practice answering questions on the fly. Ask a friend to compose questions a prospective boss might ask. Do not look at the list ahead of time, but, instead set up a mock interview with your buddy. Employ the active listening technique of repeating back in your mind the question asked before responding. Sit up straight, direct your body and eyes toward your interviewer, smile and respond thoughtfully and honestly. Remember, your primary goal is to demonstrate your ability to handle the job’s requirements so tailor your answers accordingly. Repeat the practice interviews until you feel comfortable and confident. Ask your friend to critique you so you can improve your performance.

Create some questions for you to ask. Show how interested and excited you are to learn about the company. Do your research ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the enterprise in order to craft queries that are specific and will provide you with information you need to know. For instance, inquire about the culture of the company, the daily duties you would perform, the opportunities for advancement and the long-term expectations for the business. Don’t ask about the prospective salary, vacation time, remote work possibilities or anything regarding perks. You will get the answers to these after you obtain the position.

Employment in your dream job is within your reach when you properly prepare. Do your homework, learn how to present yourself well in appearance and speech and become proficient in relaying the values, skills and abilities that make you exceptional. Contact us for further assistance with your career aspirations.