8 Important Things you’ll Learn at Nail Technician School

Feb 17, 2022

If you’ve ever loved the idea of nail technician school, then you’ll be happy to know that professional nail techs are in high demand right now. That means there’s never been a better time to go through school, get your license, and pursue a beauty career you’re passionate about. 


Going to nail technician school and completing all the mandatory courses is a must when you become a nail technician. Nail tech school teaches you many essential skills and gives you the experience to enter the field confidently. Here are just a few of the abilities you’ll gain along the way.


  1.  The Basics

Some of the first things you’ll learn are basic nail procedures like filing, painting, and shaping the nails in nail technician school. While most people know how to cut and paint their own nails, it’s an essential skill for nail techs to master beyond the level most people posess. You’ll also learn how to do it in a way that looks more professional, is safer, and will give the client a higher quality final look than they could ever get at home.


  1. How to Work Safely

No matter what service you’re providing, the client’s health and safety comes first. Any good nail technician school will teach you how to handle your tools with minimal risk to yourself and the client. This part of your course will probably include some information on nail anatomy as well, to give you a better understanding of how to care for nails safely.


Certain nail issues like fungal or bacterial infections may be contagious and spread from client to client if you don’t sanitize your instruments properly. You’ll need to recognize the signs of unhealthy or infected nails, not only to notify your client but to protect others if the condition is contagious. 

  1. Manicuring and Pedicuring

Two of the most popular services to have done at a nail salon are manicures and pedicures. This part of your course will teach you how to safely soak, paint, and work with all sorts of different nail types. You’ll also learn how to trim cuticles as safely as possible, without cutting to the quick or causing bleeding.


  1. Professional Social Skills

Being a nail technician is about more than being able to make cool designs (though that is a big part of it!). You also need to provide your customers with top-notch service and a comfortable experience. That means acting friendly and professional at all and knowing how to read your customer to make sure they’re happy with your work.

  1. Massaging

Some nail technician schools teach you how to go above and beyond for your client. This includes learning how to massage their hands and feet to give them an especially relaxing manicure and/or pedicure experience. Massaging, when done right, can completely change a person’s mood, so it’s important to know how to do it right before you try.


  1. Recognizing and Predicting Trends

One crucial part of any job in the beauty career is knowing what to expect before your clients tell you what they want. Popular nail styles, like any other beauty trend, cycle and evolve over time. Any good nail technician should know how to recognize what nail trends are popular and be able to provide them to the client. A good nail technician school should teach its students how to recognize these trends and apply their skills to learn new procedures and techniques as needed. 


  1. Getting Ready to Use Sound Business Skills

Once you pass your state exam, you’ve got to be ready to put your newly acquired license to good use. No matter which of the many potential career paths and opportunities you decide to take, you’ve got to have the right business skills to handle the position. Who knows, you may end up starting your own nail beauty business one day! 


  1. How to Pass your Nail Technician State License Exam

After you’ve put in the time, taken all the mandatory courses, and practiced the required hours, it’s finally time to take your state licensure exam. Most places will allow you to make multiple attempts if you don’t succeed on your first try. So don’t stress about it too much, because worrying may cause you to perform worse on the exam. Still, you should take care to practice enough to be confident in your skills when you do decide to take the exam. 


Chattanooga College

Does the idea of becoming a nail technician catch your interest? Perhaps the general field of cosmetology has been on your mind for a while? Getting into a good college with thorough courses can get your career off to a great start.


If you haven’t worked in the beauty industry before, then jumping right in can be scary. That’s why Chattanooga College is here to help. We’ll make sure you learn everything you need to know so that you can become confident in your abilities. After all, being a nail technician is about using your creativity to make people feel happier about themselves. Talk to one of our advisors today!