Step into the forefront of healthcare as a member of a dental team.

Our comprehensive program equips you with the practical skills to become a cornerstone in dental offices. From mastering medical terminology and patient care to efficiently handling administrative duties and lab procedures, we'll give you the expert training you need to excel confidently in your role.

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Dental Assistant - Program Overview

The Dental Assistant Degree Program at Chattanooga College MDTC is a transformative journey designed for individuals eager to excel in the dental field. As a dental assistant, you will not only play a vital role in the functionality of a dental office but also have the opportunity to make a significant difference in patient's lives every day. This program is a pathway to becoming an integral part of a dental team, providing essential support, and improving patient care with your specialized skills.

Experienced Teachers

Our seasoned dental assistant instructors, with their wealth of real-world experience, are not just teachers but mentors. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their hands-on teaching approach, which covers dental care essentials and emphasizes technological advancements and patient interaction techniques. Under their guidance, students gain the knowledge and confidence to not just succeed but excel in dental environments.

Explore Your Path to Becoming a Dental Assistant: Quick Facts

Getting Started

Connect with Us: Begin your journey by completing the Contact Form at the top of this page.

Meet Your Guide: Set up a meeting with a Chattanooga College enrollment advisor who will assist you every step of the phase.

Plan Your Future: Discuss your aspirations and potential career as a Dental Assistant with your advisor.

Program Duration

  • Fast Track Your Career: Achieve your Dental Assistant Diploma in as little as 10 months!

Dental Assisting Diploma - Curriculum

Rich Curriculum: Our expansive curriculum delves into crucial areas, preparing you comprehensively for your role as a dental assistant:

Dental Anatomy: Explore the intricacies of tooth structures, dental terminology, and overall oral anatomy, laying a solid foundation for specialized knowledge.

Radiography: Master the art and science of dental X-ray procedures, including the safe handling and interpretation as part of a diagnostic team.

Patient Care: Sharpen your skills in patient management, from maintaining accurate records to assisting in various dental procedures, ensuring top-notch patient service and care.

Nitrous Oxide Management: Learn to safely administer nitrous oxide, enhancing your competencies in procedural assistance.

Classes combine theoretical learning with practical applications, ensuring you acquire both the knowledge and hands-on experience needed for success.

Dental Assisting Diploma - Careers

Career Horizons: Graduates from our Dental Assistant Program are well-equipped for diverse roles across the dental care spectrum:

Dental Offices: Engage directly with dentists and hygienists in delivering patient care and support during treatments.

Hospitals: Contribute to dental departments by managing routine and emergent dental needs.

Dental Corporations: Enter roles that span administration, supply chain management, and patient coordination within corporate dental entities.

Elevate your professional path in dental healthcare with Chattanooga College MDTC, where your career development is as important as the care you will learn to provide.

Dental Assisting Diploma - Certificates/Licenses

Certifications: Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for the certification and licensure exams required to become certified dental assistants. The course includes detailed reviews and practical preparation for these exams, boosting confidence and readiness to meet national and state-specific requirements.

Dental Assisting Diploma Courses/Credit Hours

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
DD 101 Dental Terminology 4
DD 104 Microbiology and Infection Control 4
DD 105 Dental Materials I 4
DD 106 Dental Radiology 4
DD 185 Office Procedures-Dental 4
DD 201 Dental Assisting I 4
DD 202 Dental Assisting II 4
DD 206 Dental Clinical Procedures I 4
DD 207 Dental Clinical Procedures II 4
DD 216 Head & Neck Anatomy 4
DD 219 Nutrition/Preventive Dentistry 4
DD 230 Dental Experience 6

Want to Learn More about becoming a Dental Assistant?

Elevate Your Dental Career: Specialized Training and Certifications

Our Dental Assistant Degree Program elevates your training with specialized certifications and practical experience to enhance your employability in the dental field. Gain essential Nitrous Oxide Monitoring and Radiology certifications, which prepare you for more complex roles and increase your versatility as a dental assistant.

By integrating targeted certifications with real-life externships, our program prepares you for the workforce and positions you as a highly desirable candidate within the dental community.