Top 10 Christmas Nails For 2021

Nov 12, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re getting ready to deck the halls, bust out the ugly sweaters, and start making hot chocolate. It’s also a great time of year for expressing joy at the holiday season in some eye-catching nail art! For aspiring nail artists, this is a great time of year to try out some new holiday-themed pieces of nail art! Here are our top ten Christmas nails for 2021.

Christmas Trees

There’s no better way to sum up Christmas than the Christmas tree—symbolic of everything we love about the holiday in one convenient evergreen package—tiny Christmas tree adorned nails make an awesome seasonal look that never grows old. While it might sound difficult to achieve, Nailed It NZ shows us an easy way to get that awesome Christmas tree look with just a few steps in this tutorial. 


When we think of Christmas, we think of all things cold—snowflakes, sledding, even polar pals like penguins, who evoke everything snowy. With only a dotting tool and some polish, this tutorial by Kelli Marrisa shows us the best way to create those winter vibes this Christmas. 

Candy Canes

Candy canes aren’t just great because they’re candy, or because they remind us of Christmas. They also have a beautiful design with lots of bright contrast, which makes candy cane patterns perfect for Christmas nails. There are lots of different candy cane patterns, and this tutorial by Shirbear1 gives us five different ways to achieve that beautiful striped candy cane look. 


One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is giving and receiving gifts. It’s truly a special time of year, when loved ones show how much they mean to each other with thoughtful gifts, wrapped in bright colors. Give the gift of looking amazing this year, with Christmas present nails, using this tutorial from SimpliChic.

Red and Gold

Red and gold give off warm winter cheer vibes that we can’t get enough of during the holidays. These colors also make a great palette for your seasonal Christmas nails. With vibrant red nails featuring golden tips, the design in this tutorial from My Simple Little Pleasures will be sure to bring the cheer. 


Snowflakes make an excellent adornment to nails, not only because they’re symbolic of the snowfall during the Christmas season, but also because they’re a naturally geometric shape that makes a striking-but-simple nail design. In this tutorial, SimpleNailArtDesigns shows us how to create gorgeous snowflakes on a gentle gradient background, making a truly stunning winter look. 


When it comes to Christmas nail designs, we can’t forget santa. Cheerful, red, and bright, Santa figures make an excellent addition to our Christmas-themed looks. While that might sound like a steep challenge, this tutorial by Katherine Ker shows us an easy way to create this cute look without using any professional tools. 


Making snowpeople is another long-standing Christmas tradition we can’t forget about. And now you can make snow people on your nails too. This tutorial from Cutepolish explains how we can create simple-but-gorgeous sparkling snowman faces in just a few steps.

String Lights

Christmas lights are one of the most fun parts of Chrstmas. Whether stringing them up to create a winter wonderland of our homes, or taking a drive to see what fun creations other people have come up with this year, lights are an essential to Christmas cheer. Making a strong light design on your nails brings all that cheer in a tiny package. This tutorial, by Robin Moses Nail Art, shows us how we can create these cute string lights right in our nail art, without any complicated steps or expensive tools. 

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

Rudolph’s story is an iconic part of the Christmas season. He was just a little different than everyone else, but in the end it was his unique qualities that made him shine. Creating these cute red-nosed reindeer nails is a great way we can carry that same energy with us. This tutorial, by Cutepolish, shows us how to achieve that special look with just a few steps and includes a glitter nose for our red-nosed friend, Rudolph. 



It’s an exciting time of year for anyone, but especially for aspiring manicurists. This is a great season for practicing new designs, trying out new looks, and seeing what works for you. These are our top ten Christmas nail designs for 2021, but there are so many more out there to start exploring! 

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