Top 9 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

Aug 11, 2021

Looking for a reason to become a cosmetologist? Listed below are nine reasons why a position in cosmetology could be a rewarding career path for you.

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #1: Join an in-demand career

Joining an in-demand career is exciting. It means there’s lots of fresh new talent entering the field to keep things energized and interesting. On the more practical side of the spectrum, an in-demand career also means it’ll be easier to find a job! Spas and salons in major cities and small towns alike are constantly looking for new talent, which means you can afford to be selective about where you work.

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #2: Potential for high income

Remember what we said about cosmetology being an in-demand career? This is one of the ways you can reap the benefits. Because institutions all across the country are looking to hire cosmetologists, up-and-comers as well as proven professionals will be able to find high-paying positions or negotiate for a better salary. Cosmetology also offers the opportunity to build your own reputation. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, your potential for income increases even more!

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #3: Career flexibility

Cosmetologists have the power to set their own schedules and choose their own work environments. You’ll also have a wide range of workplace options, from spas to barbershops, hotels, and beyond! You’ll be able to choose your clients and who you work with, and naturally you’ll have the flexibility that comes from working in a creative field. As a cosmetologist, you can customize your style, your clients, and your workspace in a way that’s not possible in many other careers.

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #4: Independence

You’ll have supervision as a cosmetologist, but for the most part, you’re your own boss. You’ll be in charge of scheduling your clients as well as how many hours you want to work. If the thought of writing memos to a boss or keeping a supervisor in the loop on everything you do sounds exhausting, the cosmetologist workstyle could be a great alternative for you.

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #5: Creativity

Cosmetologists are able to express their creativity in all kinds of ways. Whether your interest lies in nail care or hair styling or something else altogether, you’ll find that being able to express yourself creatively and improve that creative skill set is an extremely satisfying way to make a living. It’s much harder to get bored when you have the opportunity to be creative at work!

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #6: Helping others

If you’ve ever had a haircut or style change that made you feel more confident and excited to go out and meet people, you know what a difference it can make to feel good about your appearance. In this way, cosmetologists can have a huge impact in people’s lives. If you choose this career, you’ll be able to help people recognize their natural beauty and learn how to bring it out in themselves. For many, helping someone’s self-confidence blossom is one of the most rewarding parts of the career.

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #7: Avoid a boring 9-5

Everyone who’s worked a nine to five job has caught themselves watching the clock now and then. If that sounds painfully familiar, remember: no cosmetologist works in a cubicle for eight hours a day! Instead, you’ll be able to set your own hours and enjoy a much more active, creative workspace. You’ll be able to alternate between standing and sitting, and the steady traffic in and out of your place of work will keep things interesting and fresh. It’s hard to get bored in a workplace that’s constantly changing!

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #8: Meet and talk to all kinds of people

If you like variety and meeting new people, becoming a cosmetologist could be a great career path for you. People from all walks of life visit the cosmetologist, and you’ll be able to spend time with them all. Whether you’re helping a teenage girl get ready for prom or freshening up an older man’s haircut, you’ll be experiencing constant variety and new faces in your day-to-day work. Meeting so many new people can be a great way to get to know the area where you work, and you might be surprised by the diversity of friends you make!

Become a Cosmetologist – Reason #9: Skip the four-year degree

If a four-year degree doesn’t appeal to you, cosmetology school is a great alternative. You’ll be able to get a hands-on education and become certified in around two years rather than four, so you can jump into your chosen career much more quickly. Becoming certified as a cosmetologist is also much less expensive than a degree from a standard university, meaning you can get all the training you need while avoiding the massive amounts of student debt that often come with four-year degrees.


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