What Do You Learn In Cosmetology School? Some of these might surprise you…

Jan 24, 2022

What do you learn in Cosmetology School? If you’ve ever thought about earning a living making others feel beautiful, then you should consider becoming a cosmetologist! Cosmetology is an exciting field that constantly evolves and progresses as new techniques and methods are created, and new products enter the market. You will learn all the latest and greatest ways to help others look and feel their best.

What is a Cosmetologist? 

A cosmetologist is a licensed expert beauty professional specializing in several fields, including hair, skin, and nails. Cosmetologists are the quintessential beauty industry expert. Rather than learning just one subject or skill, cosmetology students learn a vast array of different skills and techniques considered beautifying. 


Cosmetology can also be a very social field. Many customers will loyally stick to a cosmetologist they trust, sometimes even following them if they move. Having a client in your chair is a lot like having coffee with your friend. While some customers love to chit-chat throughout the appointment, others may stay on their phones and not have much to say. Cosmetologists will usually need sharp social skills to maximize their success. 

What Do You Learn In Cosmetology School?

While every cosmetology program may be a little different, the basic curriculum and concepts are often the same. Students will spend their time divided into various subjects, focusing on each skill individually to prepare for licensure. 


Each cosmetology student will receive a cosmetology kit. Cosmetology is considered an art form, and an artist is only as good as the tools they use. High-quality precision tools are imperative to be a successful cosmetologist. Each kit will provide all the tools necessary to finish the program successfully. 


There are many skills that students will learn throughout their time in the program, and each is different in its own right. While going through the program, students will also realize what aspects of cosmetology they are passionate about and which they may not be. While cosmetologists are considered well-rounded beauty specialists, they will often master one or two aspects of the field and start their careers with those. 


Hairstylists, for instance, are cosmetologists, but you usually won’t find a stylist who will also give you a manicure – though they could if they completed both courses. 


What Do You Learn in Cosmetology School? 

The exciting field of cosmetology program aims to prepare and educate the student, leading them to an exciting new career. Some of the subjects the students will learn can include: 



  • Essential nail management and cleansing (preparing nails for treatment)
  • Beauty treatments for the hands and feet (applying moisturizer and product)
  • Hand and foot massage (basic techniques to encourage blood flow and relaxation)
  • Cutting, filing, shaping, and painting nails (various shapes and colors)
  • Different nail application techniques (acrylics, powder dip, gel, etc.)


Skincare and Makeup 

  • Performing facials (long or short facial skincare treatment)
  • Exfoliation (sloughing dead skin cells)
  • Cleansing (ridding the face of dirt, debris, and makeup)
  • Extractions (removing blackheads/whiteheads that aren’t infected)
  • Toning (minimizing pores and refreshing the face)
  • Facial hair removal/waxing (removing hair by tweezing, shaving, or waxing)
  • Eyebrow shaping (treating eyebrows to frame eyes)
  • General and event makeup application (eyeshadow, blush, foundation, etc. for everyday scenarios or events)
  • Lash services (lash extensions or faux lashes)



  • Hair Cutting, Coloring, and Styling (various haircuts, applying dye, finishing style)
  • Various hair treatments (damaged hair repair, argan oil application)
  • Hair techniques (layering, shaving, cutting techniques)
  • Application of dye, highlights, lowlights (processing hair to change the color)
  • Perm and straightening (chemical processes for curly or straight hair)
  • Event updos (various styles for events like prom or wedding)
  • Hair extensions (applying hair to extend the length or add body)
  • Hair washing and deep conditioning (thorough washing and conditioning techniques)
  • Blowouts (blow-drying hair to add body, wave, texture)


Business Practices 

  • Costs of materials (supplies, chairs, products costs)
  • Costs of booth rental/workspace (renting a both or a building)
  • Sales techniques (finalizing the sale and helping clients get what they want)
  • Marketing plans (selling yourself and your services)
  • Customer service (satisfying clients to keep them coming back)
  • Business relationships (networking to develop connections with others in the industry) 



  • Laws and guidelines (laws of good practice, techniques, procedures, etc.)
  • Continuing education requirements (ensuring you don’t lose your license)
  • Tax laws (paying applicable taxes on time)
  • Prohibitions (what’s allowed and what isn’t) 


Health and Safety 

  • Proper technique (safely perform treatments the correct way)
  • Sanitation (strong cleanliness practices)
  • Shop safety (keeping your workspace safe)

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So, what do you learn in cosmetology school? Deciding to become a cosmetology student can be a big deal! Chattanooga College’s cosmetology program gives students an excellent education and hands-on experience to learn the state’s requirements. The goal of our Cosmetology School is to prepare students to test and become licensed cosmetologists who can perform a range of beauty services in the state of Tennessee. Make the decision to become a cosmetologist and contact us today! I hope we answered your question “what do you learn in cosmetology school”.