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Why spend twice the time and money at a 4 year college?

At Chattanooga College, start your career 2 years sooner with an industry-specific degree. You'll spend half the time and money and have practical training from industry professionals.

Stop what you're doing

  • Considering spending double the time and money at a 4 year college

  • Being around people who tell you to do something you don’t enjoy

  • Getting stuck in a dead-end job or waiting an extra 2 years to start your career

  • Taking extra classes that don’t have anything to do with your field of study

  • Getting lost in the crowd & being one of hundreds looking at the same job as you at the same time

  • Going to a college to work around the college’s schedule; very specific times for classes

Do this instead!

  • Spend half the time and money at Chattanooga College and start your career two years sooner

  • Be surrounded by supportive people who encourage you to do something you love

  • Fulfill your desire to do what you love each day

  • Only take classes related to your field & gain the skills you need while in the program

  • Be known by name, get connected with local companies the college has relationships with

  • Go to a college where they make the schedule work for you

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Do what you love and make an impact!

You already have the passion, let Chattanooga College, give you the skills to make it a reality. Make a living doing something you enjoy and see the difference it can make in your life! Live your life without the stress of a job you hate or wondering where your next check will come from.

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