Top Cosmetology Supply List [10 Essentials You Need for Cosmo School!]

Feb 17, 2022

Cosmetology is a great industry to get into if you’re passionate about doing makeup, hair, nails, and other beauty-related things. Many people in the industry dream about this career path their whole lives. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to make it, too. Now let’s dig into the cosmetology supply list. 


If you’ve finally made it into a cosmetology school, congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from landing amid your dream career. Before you get started, you’ll need a few tools and accessories to succeed in the business. Some items on the cosmetology supply list come as part of the tuition at some schools, but many schools require you to get most of the things yourself. 

The Basics

Most schools consider all of the items on this cosmetology supply list essential, but this category is a rough list of the things you expect to see in a typical salon. 

1. Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is one of the most important things for a professional cosmetologist to have. This includes aprons, gloves, and head wraps. You will use these items to protect you and your clients from spills, burns, and accidents. These are all things you’d expect a cosmetologist to have with them when you walk into a salon.

2. Shears

One of the most essential parts of hairstyling is cutting hair. Almost everyone that comes in will need at least a little trim. Shears are, therefore, essential to succeeding in beauty school. 

3. Combs and Brushes 

Even if the client doesn’t need a trim, there are no services salons provide where you wouldn’t need a comb or a brush. Similarly, any hands-on assignment at cosmetology school will need these.

4. Makeup

Lastly, knowing how to do makeup is a skill that every cosmetology student is expected to learn throughout their studies. Thus, having quality makeup, brushes, and supplies is crucial to get through the course.

Non-electric Devices

These things will be some more advanced items that beauty schools expect you to have access to. They are different from the category below because they don’t typically require a power source to operate.

5. Mannequin

Before practicing on real volunteers, students will have to practice on a mannequin. This way, they can hone skills and build confidence without risking a real person’s looks.

6. Nail Supplies

If the course you’re taking involves learning nail art, then it stands to reason that you’ll need nail supplies as well. This typically includes things like nail polish, nail kits, pedicure kits, a sanitizer tray, a manicure bowl, a manicure brush, emery boards, nail files, cuticle clippers, and toenail clippers.

7. Curlers

Hair curlers/rollers are not used as commonly as they once were, but it’s still best that you have them available. Even if you don’t use them in school, you may need them one day in a salon. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Electric Tools

These will likely be the most expensive items you’ll be responsible for buying. They are all reliant on a power source to operate, which is why we’ve placed them in this category.

8. Blow Dryer

Blow dryers are often the easiest electric tool to find. You can’t show up with just any old hairdryer, though. You’ll be expected to buy and have access to a professional, salon-grade blow dryer for your classes.

9. Curling/Flat Iron

Next, you’ll need to be able to style hair using both a curling iron and a flat iron. It’s best to get the tools you need to make differently sized curls, as not all curls look good or work with all hair types. 

10. Electric Razor and Clippers

Last but not least on the cosmetology supply list, you’ll need to have an electric razor and different clipper lengths for shorter hair cuts. You’ll end up using these as much as a curler or hair iron, and perhaps even more often. 

Come Learn at Chattanooga College 

Feel prepared to create your own cosmetology supply list? If you’re considering coming into a career in the beauty field or looking for a cosmetology school, consider Chattanooga College. Starting something new is never easy, and dedicating time, money, and effort to something major can be intimidating. But, if you’re still on the fence, you can talk to one of our advisors, and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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