Top 5 Reasons To Become A Medical Assistant

Aug 11, 2021

The medical field is one of the highest regarded fields, and for good reason. However, nursing and medical schools are expensive and take years to get through in order to start a career and pay back debt. Fortunately, a passionate person can become a medical assistant to find job security while helping people who need it most.

People will always need medical care, and a large amount of trust is placed in the doctors, nurses, and assistants that help people heal. Here are the 5 biggest reasons to start looking into this field:

Reason #1 To Become A Medical Assistant:
Projected job growth

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth in jobs for medical assistants is 23% from 2014-2024, which is almost triple the average job growth of a field. A medical assisting certification is therefore very likely to help you get a job quickly. Healthcare as a whole is growing rapidly, and with the amount of administrative and routine clinical duties a single clinic or hospital requires, assistants will be needed at every step of this growth.

Reason #2 To Become A Medical Assistant:
Stable pay

Statistically, the median annual income for a medical assistant is $31,540, not to mention health benefits, 401k options, and other perks. And the median income for medical assistants in outpatient care centers, hospitals, and physician offices is even higher. Many medical assistants can also get promoted to the position of office manager at their clinics.

From the start, a medical assisting job will cover all your needs and a fair amount of wants, with no stress over making ends meet. You also could end up making enough to begin saving for higher level medical education, if you choose to continue schooling. Become a medical assistant and gain experience, this would be an excellent edge to get you accepted into nursing school.

Reason #3 To Become A Medical Assistant:
Short time commitment to get certified

Certification to become a medical assistant typically only requires about two years. A medical assistant certification is also accepted across all 50 states. If you need to move, you can take your certification, training, and experience with you.

Reason #4 To Become A Medical Assistant:
Interesting work

Based on where you chose to work, you can tailor a pace to the kind of work you want to do, meaning if you love a fast paced environment? Hospital work may be right for you. If you need flexibility and a steadier pace? An outpatient center or physician office could be an awesome place to work. Even after certification and training, you will be constantly learning as you grow your skills with doctors, nurses, and patients. Medicine is also fascinating in administration – keeping a medical office running smoothly is far from a boring task.

Reason #5 To Become A Medical Assistant:
Relationships with patients

In many clinics, patients will often see the medical assistant as much or more than they see their doctor. Patients put trust in you. After all, you are the one that takes and records important information, and the one who preps them for the doctor.

Medical assisting is a vital part of any clinic or hospital, and a position you can be very proud of. If you’re interested in medical assisting, Chattanooga College offers a thorough program to gain certification.

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