6 Fun Jobs You Can Work As An Esthetician

Aug 10, 2021

Have you mastered the right combination of face wash, toner, and moisturizer? Do your friends turn to you for advice on skincare, or to settle the debate between waxing and depilatories? If so, you’ve got a valuable skill set that you could make a career out of! People who are passionate about beautiful, healthy skin, should consider putting those talents to use by becoming an esthetician.

Why become an esthetician?

It’s a commitment to get an esthetician’s license, but the results will soon reward you for the time and effort spent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that by 2028, employment for skin care specialists and estheticians will increase by 11%, which is well above average in the job market. Becoming an esthetician also offers a lot of freedom in employment. People of all walks of life and in all kinds of industries are looking to hire skin care professionals. The following positions and more are all accessible once you’ve received your esthetician’s license:

1. Spa or salon work

Getting a job at a spa means giving customers facials, extractions, and massages, all in the most relaxing atmosphere you could ask for. Spa work also offers opportunities to educate customers on the best way to take care of their skin once they’re back home and away from the spa, so you can feel good about helping people make sustainable changes to their health.

As an esthetician you’ll also be better qualified to work as a spa or salon manager. Whether you start as a spa employee and work your way to manager or start directly in a management position, getting your esthetician’s license will help make it possible. You’ll have the chance to lead a team and improve your leadership skills in a spa atmosphere. It’s hard to ask for a better setting than that!


2. State Board Licensing Examiner/Inspector

If you’re interested in working with the government and making sure people get only the best spa experiences, look for positions for estheticians as state board licensing employees. As an inspector, you’ll make sure spas and salons are held to a high standard of service and cleanliness. You’ll play an essential part in helping people stay healthy and happy as they receive treatments.

3. Medical esthetician

Estheticians often overlap with the medical profession. With a license, you’ll have the opportunity to assist doctors and dermatologists as they help patients improve their skin health. Whether you’re recommending skin care regimens for patients or serving as a consultant in a dermatologist’s office, you can play a key role in giving people the improved health and self-confidence that comes with better skin.


4. Makeup artist

If the face has always been your favorite canvas, becoming a makeup artist might be your dream job! With an esthetician’s license in your pocket, you’ll have a leg up on less experienced makeup artists, as well as a medical background that could help people understand what products will be healthiest for their skin long-term. An esthetician makeup artist has all the artistic skill and passion of other makeup artists, but with the added benefit of professional training.


5. Beauty writer/blogger

The beauty (excuse the pun!) of being an esthetician is the freedom that comes with it. If you’re interested in working with the government, becoming a manager, working as an artist, you being your own boss, there’s a place for that as an esthetician. If you want to blaze your own trail online by creating a beauty brand, blog, or channel, your qualification as an esthetician will help you gain credibility and stand out among the competition.

6. Brand representative or salesperson

If you’re passionate about sales, you could be a valuable addition to a brand team. Once you’ve found a product you love, consider working to promote and sell that product. A qualified esthetician has the credentials to support their recommendations, and you’ll be able to answer questions and address concerns your potential customers might have. If you love talking to people just as much as you love skin care, being a representative or salesperson could be an extremely rewarding career path.


Getting an esthetician’s license opens up a world of possibilities. No matter what your ideal working environment is or which direction you’d like to take your skin care knowledge, there’s a position out there for you! Few other careers have this level of flexibility. It’s also a very easily accessible career. With the right resources, you can get on track for an esthetician’s license in no time.


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