Why getting your degree is never a bad idea

Nov 16, 2017

A degree is so much more than a piece of paper. Getting your degree is a crucial step to an ultimate goal of career success to better your life, whether you want that to mean more money, job stability, more education, or anything else.

The degree obtained at a technical school is a powerful credential that helps to demonstrate your knowledge in a field. And the sooner you take the steps to get started, the sooner you can achieve the goals that require a degree as that crucial step. It’s one of those double-sided cliches: It’s never too late to get a degree, but the sooner you do, the less time (and money) you lose on a job you don’t like or one that doesn’t pay enough.

These days, graduates aren’t sent out into the world with a piece of paper and a wave for good luck. At Chattanooga College, current and former students have access to job assistance and guidance along the way, to help you get the full value of your hard work.

Here are the top 3 ways a degree will help you achieve any career goals:

1. A degree defines you as someone with proven background knowledge in a field. In addition to certifications often being required to enter certain fields, certifications and degrees are great ways to specialize and get your foot in the door to a new role or a larger one in your existing field. Even if you’re starting in an entry-level position and a degree isn’t required, having one sets you apart from other coworkers and can give you a step up when promotion opportunities come around.

2. Having a degree shows the ability to follow through with tasks. Even if a degree isn’t required, simply having one shows a potential boss that you are a person who can work hard and manage time well to achieve a goal. This demonstrates reliability and can mean the difference between being chosen or passed over for a job in a competitive job market with more people than positions available.

3. Empower yourself to become a better version of yourself. A degree isn’t just a way to prove to others that you are the ideal candidate for a position, but also a way for you to prove to yourself how capable you are. By completing certification and degree programs, you can feel more confident in the way you present yourself and know you have the necessary knowledge to achieve your dreams, no matter what they are. And when you’re confident, others can be more confident in you as well.

Whether you are in a field that requires a degree to get promoted or you’re interested in a new career, a degree sets you up for success. For more information, contact Chattanooga College to see which of our degree programs is best for you and your career goals.

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